How to Catch a Mouse!


I fought mice for 4 years, never succeeding at catching even one.  I tried all different kinds of traps (including “humane” and “inhumane”), with no success at all.  They antagonized me — 4 years of getting into our food, eating holes in our clothes, destroying mops, eating holes in the walls and cabinets, eating every house-plant I ever put out and scattering their parts all over, leaving their droppings everywhere, and keeping me awake at night by their scritching and scratching and scurrying.

Then, on Mar 16 of 2014, after more than 4 years of this, a mouse caught itself!  I heard a strange noise on the porch in the little shelter I’d built to hide the recyclables — most of which are kept in used dog-food bags.  I cautiously opened the lid to the little shelter expecting anything, and found a little brown mouse at the bottom of a large dog-food bag.  The sides of the bag were too slick for it to climb up, and the bag was too tall for it to jump out (it tried, and it could jump to an amazing height relative to its size, but still not high enough to get out of a large dog-food bag).  It must’ve gone into the bag to get at the 3-4 pieces of dog-food that were left in it, and then panicked.

So they can be trapped!  This is a turning-point.

I was kind enough to take the dog-food bag out into the yard, and dump the mouse out; I then re-placed the dog-food bag in the recyclables-shelter.  Perhaps 24 hours later, I noticed there was a hole in the bottom of that dog-food bag, so either the mouse I caught or another one evidently was in the bag, and this time ate its way out of the bag.  So what that means is that if you’re not there pretty quick, this method of mouse-trapping will not be effective.  But the one I trapped made so much noise, that I think even if it had trapped itself in the middle of the night, I would’ve been awakened.  I am wondering whether putting the dog-food bag inside something much harder would be useful.


Kind of cute, despite the frustration they’ve caused me.  See the 2 white bands on its tail?  Anyway, as “a better mousetrap” is something humanity’s been looking for since time immemorial, I thought I had a duty to share this.

~ by paulnew on March 23, 2014.

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